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Experts in High-Capacity Helical Pile Foundations

We are a team of dedicated foundation professionals who provide expert helical pile design and installation services for industrial and commercial construction projects in Central Canada

Now Serving Southern Ontario

VersaPile has expanded into Ontario to meet the strong demand for quality high-capacity helical pile foundations. Have a project in mind? Get in touch with our team!

What VersaPile Can Do For You

Our team of highly-trained and relentlessly-motivated professionals are eager to put your project on an unshakable foundation. Here's what we can do for you

Two VersaPile employees wearing white hard hats are watching a large yellow excavator install helical pile foundation for luxury custom home

Foundation Design & Engineering

We are certified geostructural engineers with qualifications in structural and geotechnical foundation engineering. Whether you need a complete suite of foundation engineering services or are looking for a second set of eyes to review your existing design, we can help.
Our in-house foundation design and engineering team is trained in helical piles and experienced with technically challenging large-scale projects.

VersaPile Employee Removing Bolts That Secure Helical Pile to Helical Drive In Order to Install Next Section

Foundation Installation

The best deep foundation design in the world would be worthless if it didn't have a superb team of installers to take it from a plan to reality. Our crews have been installing helical piles for years in virtually every condition Central Canada has to offer.
With installation equipment to suit any project, and on-site maintenance staff to keep our gear in top-condition, we're ready to tackle your tricky and technical large-scale foundation installations.

Four heavy duty steel I-Beams are arranged in a square pattern to provide support to large hydraulic jack that is sitting on stop of I-Beams and applying force to a helical pile installed in the ground for load testing

Pile Load Testing

If you want to confirm the performance of helical piles at your job site, then you need a quality pile load test delivered by an experienced team and led by engineers. Our team has years of experience in designing and performing pile load tests. From installing test piles, to fabricating the test rig, to actually performing and interpreting the test.
You'll receive a detailed report that outlines the performance of the pile, gives context to your geotechnical report, confirms pile capacities, and much more.

Group of 10 VersaPile employees working on a muddy jobsite as large John Deere excavator installs large high-capacity helical piles for industrial project. More helical piles lay on ground waiting installation in background of image.

Geotechnical Investigations

In order to design and install the perfect helical foundation solution for your project in Central Canada, our team needs to know what's going on with your soil conditions. If you don't have a geotechnical site report, or would like an additional investigation, we can arrange it for you.
Don't worry about the hassle of hiring (and managing) a geotechnical firm. We'll take care of the entire process for you.

Welder lays on ground and is welding a 4 foot diameter heavy duty helical pile cap sitting on top of a group of large-diameter helical piles for communication tower

Fabrication & Manufacturing

When you're dealing with highly technical or large-scale projects, like those found in utilities or communications infrastructure, sometimes "off the shelf" won't cut it. Whether you need special grillages, pile caps, transitions, or other custom foundation structures, we have the fabrication expertise to create it for you.
Don't let your project be limited by location, soil conditions, or structural loads.

VersaPile employee in white hard hat and high visibility vest is sitting at an outdoor table in agricultural field and smiling as they're monitoring data for a helical pile load test

Knowledge Sessions

The science of deep foundations for industrial and commercial construction, particularly in large-scale projects, can be confusing. Let our team of friendly experts and engineers at VersaPile teach you and your team about helical foundation solutions using unbiased and data-driven information.
Our Knowledge Sessions will quickly bring your team up-to-speed on helical pile foundations, their applications, and best practices for their use.

Industries VersaPile Serves

Our team of dedicated and expert deep foundation professionals has over 75 years combined experience in planning, designing, engineering, and installing, helical pile foundations for large-scale projects

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Communication & Wireless

Demand for high-speed internet and data services in rural and remote areas means the pace of construction for communication towers is faster than ever. It's why more telecom companies and tower contractors are using helical piles to build their networks faster and safer.

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Transmission & Distribution

As energy generation from renewable sources increases, and technologies like electric vehicles become more popular, Canadian power infrastructure needs a future-proof foundation. Helical piles are replacing concrete as the foundation of choice for transmission lines, substations, and equipment.  

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Oil & Gas

In oil and gas, increased scrutiny from regulators and the public means it's more vital than ever that operations are safe for people and the environment. Our team has experience working safely on oil and gas sites to install helical foundations that ensure projects are built faster and more eco-friendly than ever before.

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Indigenous Communities

Most foundations in Northern communities aren't designed for the tough climate and challenging soil conditions. This has led to an epidemic of foundation problems. Helical piles can provide a stronger, more durable, and far more economical, foundation solution for construction projects in Indigenous communities.  

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Commercial & Industrial

Our team excels at engineering and installing foundations for large-scale projects in the commercial and industrial markets. Whether it's a multi-family housing complex on uncertain soils or mixed-use building in a busy city, we'll design a durable solution for you. 

Stop waiting for a foundation. Start building faster.

VersaPile is made up of a team of people all working towards the same goal: To engineer, install, and test, sustainable deep foundations that disrupt the status quo and last for generations.
To achieve that goal, we've built a 25+ strong team of passionate foundation professionals and combined them with a carefully-engineered system that takes you from ideation to installation in record time.

A wide angle of a large John Deere excavator in an extremely wet and muddy field, installing helical piles into an low-lying area of water that is covered in a sheet of thick ice

Trained. Certified. Trusted.

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    ISNetworld Certified
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What Our Client's Say...

"What a pleasure it was working with Stan Higgins and his VersaPile team. It is refreshing to deal with a firm that does what they say they are going to do. On time, on budget and a follow up call to confirm that we are pleased."

Todd Hallson | President, Vantage Builders

Why Choose a VersaPile Helical Pile Foundation for Your Project?

Faster & More Efficient

Do you really want to wait 2+ weeks for concrete to cure before you can build? How about sitting around while long and awkward driven piles are hammered into the ground? Expedite your foundation and shorten your timelines by weeks. Helical piles can be installed significantly faster than other deep foundation solutions.

    No waiting for curing like concrete foundations
    Lighter and easier to handle on-site than driven piles
    Turns into the ground at a constant rate, we can install as many as 90+ piles per day

Safer for Your Employees

Why risk the safety of your on-site employees with foundation solutions that require open excavation, loud machines, extensive ground disturbance, and multiple pieces of heavy equipment tearing around? Helical piles require minimal equipment, no open excavation, and are safer to install than other technologies.

    Minimal equipment required for install reduces risk to your employees
    We are ISNetworld, COR, and Avetta Certified. Safety isn't just our priority, it's in our blood

Low Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of your project is under more scrutiny from regulators and investors than ever before. Dramatically reduce your impact on the local environment and make future site remediation easy. Helical piles create no disturbance to the soil, environment, animals, or people and can be easily removed.

    Zero noise, excavation, or soil disturbance required for installation
    No leaching of chemicals or toxins into the soil
    Can be 100% recycled at end of service life

Efficient & Economical

Helical piles aren't just faster to install than other foundations, they use less raw material and equipment. This means we spend less time on your site and you can start building faster than you ever thought possible. Plus, you can reduce your mobilization costs by using helical piles

    Less raw material and equipment means reduced mobilization costs and less to house on-site
    Value-engineered designs give you exactly the support you need, maximizing your foundation's efficiency

Versatile & Customizable

Our whip-smart engineers can design a helical foundation for practically any site location or structure. Whether your job site is in the wild marshlands of Northern Canada or in the middle of a bustling city, our equipment and crews are ready to tackle any situation.

    Can be installed in tight-access locations or challenging remote areas with ease
    Flexible nature of helical technology means they can be designed for almost any application
    Our fearless team is ready (and eager) to go anywhere you need


We strictly adhere to the universally-accepted and trusted engineering principles that guide the design and installation of helical piles. Our team of highly-trained engineers and helical pile experts are ready to provide stamped designs for your project. 

    Our engineering team is extensively trained in helical pile foundation design
    We have in-house load testing capabilities to confirm the safety and performance of your foundation
    From-scratch foundation designs and engineering review services

The Streamlined VersaPile Foundation Process

Skip the headache and hassle of unreliable foundation contractors and enjoy the smooth and efficient VersaPile Method of deep foundation design, engineering, and installation

Engineer-Approved Designs

Everything we do starts with good engineering. We sit down with you and your team to understand the unique demands and needs that your project brings. Our Engineering First approach ensures that your project is supported by the most efficient and effective foundation.

Pre-Installation Planning

One of the reasons our customers return to us time and time again for reliable deep foundations is because of our hyper-efficient processes and systems. That starts by creating a crystal-clear plan for the installation of your foundation. This includes outlining where we'll store materials, the sequence of pile installation, and defining the responsibilities of all our team members.

Smooth & Easy Installation

Because we take the time to properly plan and sequence your project, you might find the actual installation is a little... boring. Our highly-trained crews will show up on site, follow the pre-defined plan, and quietly get down to the business of installing your foundation safely and quickly. In fact, if you blink you might just miss the fact we were ever there.

Finishing Work

Whether you need a beautifully-designed pile cap to tie multiple helical piles together or straightforward finishing work, our team has the full complement of skills and equipment required to get it done right. In fact, the only thing you'll notice is how easy it is to tie into your foundation once we're finished with it.

Enduring Support (From a Team of Friendly Experts)

We understand that the job isn't done after we put your helical piles in the ground. You might have additional questions or just need some advice on transitioning your new foundation to your structure. Our team of friendly foundation experts will always be available to answer your questions or provide post-installation support and advice.

Let's talk about your foundation (toll free)

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Frequently asked foundation questions

  • What are "industrial" helical pile foundations?

    We use the term "industrial helical piles" here at VersaPile to distinguish the helical foundations we install from other companies who primarily focus on the light-duty residential markets.
    While the engineering concepts behind an industrial helical pile foundation share similarities with residential helical applications, we believe it's important to draw a line between the two.
    Designing and installing high-capacity helical foundations for industrial-scale hydro, transmission & distribution, oil & gas, and Indigenous community projects, demands a high level of technical skill and experience.
    Our team has engineered and installed thousands of helical piles in some of the toughest conditions imaginable, supporting critical infrastructure like hydro transmission lines and telecommunication towers. 

  • Where are helical piles being used in Canada?

    Helical pile foundations are used across Canada, and the world, for almost any project you can think of. From 30+ story highrise buildings to hydro utilities infrastructure and rural internet infrastructure, helical piles are used every single day to support industrial and residential construction.
    Some of the projects VersaPile can design and install helical pile foundations for include:● Hydro Utilities Infrastructure● Power Transmission Lines● Battery Energy Storage Systems● Distribution Substations● Transmission Stations● Communication Towers● Internet Infrastructure

  • Are helical piles better than concrete?

    There's no straight-and-easy answer to that question. Which foundation is right for your project depends on a wide range of factors, some of which are:● Location of your jobsite● Type of structure to be supported● Soil composition and conditions● Climate and weather conditions● Expected structural loads
    Once we understand all the factors associated with your project, we can tell you whether or not a helical foundation solution makes sense. If we see that another foundation technology, like concrete, would serve your needs better than we'll be honest and tell you that.

  • How long has VersaPile been in business?

    Our team has been designing and installing helical pile foundations since 2015. In total our employees have a combined total of more than 100 years working in construction and foundations.

  • Does VersaPile install foundations for residential projects?

    VersaPile does provide helical foundation design, engineering, and installation services for large-scale or highly technical residential projects.
    However, we do not perform installations for smaller projects like decks, home additions, fences, garages, etc.

Two VersaPile employees sitting at temporary table set up in agricultural field, monitoring results from a helical pile load test for Manitoba Hydro. Load test rig with hydraulic jack visible in background

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