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High-Capacity Foundations for Industrial & Commercial Construction

Helical piles are your faster and safer deep foundation for industrial and commercial construction projects in Central Canada, designed and installed by a team of friendly experts

Projects We Handle in Commercial & Industrial Construction

With more than 10 years experience in designing and installing helical piles, our team is ready to tackle the toughest foundation challenges


In the hustle and bustle of tight deadlines and demanding schedules, helical piles offer a quick and efficient way to establish a sturdy foundation. This versatile foundation solution is suitable for large scale commercial development.

    Mixed-Use Development

    Multi-Story Buildings

    Retail Units

    Large Buildings / Structures

    Foundation Repair / Underpinning

    Historic Buildings


Industrial construction involves big projects and big investments. That means more risk. Don't let factors like weather or site conditions cause costly delays like other foundations. Helical piles can be installed virtually anywhere for any project.

    Manufacturing Plants

    Shops / Garages


    Temporary Buildings

    Large Equipment

    Industrial Infrastructure

About VersaPile

What makes our team the right choice to design, engineer, and install, the foundation for your commercial or industrial project?

At VersaPile, we've spent the last 10+ years working towards a single goal: "To engineer, install, and test, sustainable deep foundations that disrupt the status quo and last for generations"
That means we're more than a little obsessed with safety, performance, and efficiency.
As a team who is experienced in the unique challenges that come with foundation work for commercial and industrial construction, we're here to make your life easy. With a team of 25+ dedicated professionals and multiple installation crews, we'll put your project on a safe and efficient foundation.


Trained. Certified. Trusted.

At VersaPile, we don't just talk about our skills. We relentlessly train and improve our team so we can deliver unrivalled foundation contracting services and expertise to your project. We'll let our certifications and memberships speak for us.

Award "Best Service Provider"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"

What Services Do We Offer for Commercial & Industrial Construction?

Geotechnical Investigations

Having a strong understanding of the soil conditions at your site is pivotal for our team to design a value-engineered foundation that delivers the support you need. If you haven't performed a geotechnical investigation or would like to confirm a previous investigation, we can help.

  •

    VersaPile has built strong relationships with geotechnical engineers that are deeply experienced in testing and analysing soil conditions in Central Canada. 
    We offer full-stack geotechnical investigations that help uncover any potential challenges or issues with your site. You'll receive a thourough and detailed geotechnical report that highlights any conditions you need to be aware of.
    If you're planning a long-term multi-phase project, ask us how you can get a complete geotechnical investigation that covers all phases of your project.
    Let our team uncover the story of your soil, design a better foundation for your project, and save you from unexpected costs or conditions.

In-House Design & Engineering

Designing a sturdy, streamlined, and cost-effective helical pile foundation doesn't happen by accident. Our team has years of experience planning and engineering helical foundations for transmission & distribution projects. We'll help you get the right foundation design.

  •

    Planning a helical pile foundation isn't like other technologies like concrete or driven piles.

    It takes an engineer with a keen understanding of a helical pile's unique properties and interactions with the soil to create an efficient and value-engineered solution.

    We can help you with everything from full-stack foundation engineering services to reviews of your own foundation design. Often times, we can help our clients save money and time by uncovering design efficiencies.

    Our in-house engineers rigorously review every foundation design to guarantee safety and performance. We do not practice "rubber stamp" engineering at VersaPile.

    Don't waste money or lose time on an inefficient foundation design. We'll help you match the right helical solution to your project. 

Installation & Testing

Installing durable and high-performing foundations for oil and gas demands an exacting level of skill and precision. At VersaPile, we train our team relentlessly to ensure everyone does their part to make the installation process as easy and efficient as possible. Plus, we can perform pile testing to guarantee the performance of your foundation.

  •

    Helical pile foundations for oil and gas are more than just "pipes in the ground". There's an entire science dedicated to understanding the unique, and varied, interactions between helical pile foundations and the soil.
    This is especially true in oil and gas, where job sites are often located in remote and challenging areas where soil can be difficult to work with.
    Don't sweat the foundation for your next O&G project. We'll handle the entire installation and testing process for you, from A to Z.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Once your helical piles are in the ground, they still need to be transformed into a cohesive foundation. This is achieved with components like grillages, pile caps, transitions, and other support structures. Our in-house design and fabrication teams will design an exact solution for your project. 

  •

    In order to tie the helical piles in the ground to the structure they need to support, your project might need a simple pile cap or it could demand a custom-built grillage to distribute loads across multiple piles.
    Our team includes designers and fabricators that can plan and build these structures for your project. 

  • Illustration

    Case Study

    Helical Foundation for 5-Storey Mixed Use Commercial & Residential Building

    Helical foundation for 5-Storey Mixed Use Building solves tight-access challenges and meets short timelines in difficult winter conditions.

Why Choose Helical Piles for Commercial & Industrial

You're probably already familiar with some of the benefits of using helical piles for commercial and industrial construction, but have you considered these?...


Their unique method of installation and high-performance design means that helical piles are one of the most efficient deep foundation systems available in terms of speed and cost.


Whatever you need to support, chances are excellent that helical piles can help you do it. They easily and effectively replace other solutions like poured concrete or driven piles. 


Our crews don't need a ton of space to prepare the helical pile installation, and if square-footage is at a premium we can even stage off-site to satisfy the space restrictions of any location


Less equipment required to install and dramatically quieter machines means your job site is less crowded with people and vehicles. Because site safety matters.


On average, a helical pile foundation can output over 98% less greenhouse gas emissions to manufacture and install compared to concrete. Plus, they can be easily removed and recycled. 


Helical piles are a well-understood and engineer-approved deep foundation for all types of construction projects. Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with outstanding engineering. 

Free eBook

Introduction to High-Capacity Industrial & Commercial Helical Piles

This free eBook will get you up-to-speed with helical pile foundations for industrial and commercial projects

    Get unbiased information about helical pile foundations, written from a fact-based point of view
    Uncover the fascinating history of the technology and why that history still matters for construction today
    Explore how a helical pile foundation is designed, installed, and tested
    See what industries and projects are using helical piles to build better
    Unwrap the true benefits, and downsides, to helical foundations
    Dive into case studies that de-mystify the process
    Learn why this foundation solution matters to your next project

How Does the VersaPile Process Work?

The last thing you want on your project is missed deadlines, costly delays, and inefficient systems. That's why we have some of the best systems in the industry, to ensure your project goes smooth and easy.



In the design phase, we learn about your project and requirements. Depending on your needs, our team can handle everything from geotechnical investigations to the engineering of the foundation



Great planning and a coordinated team are the pillars of our installation process. By taking the time to create a clear strategy for installation, we'll do everything possible to ensure a zero-delay foundation installation



Our trained crew can perform helical pile foundation testing to guarantee the performance of your helical foundation. Satisfy building codes or simply enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your foundation will perform as intended

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