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Welder lays on ground and is welding a 4 foot diameter heavy duty helical pile cap sitting on top of a group of large-diameter helical piles for communication tower


Fabrication & Manufacturing

When you're building technical projects, sometimes "off the shelf" components just won't cut it.
Whether you need grillages, pile caps, transitions, or other custom components, we have a reliable network of fabricators and manufacturers to build it for you.

    Custom Components
    On-Site Welding
    Pile Caps
    Transition Structures
    Foundation Hardware

Building Custom Foundation Components for Your Project

It's relatively easy to take helical piles and install them into the ground. The real art of helical foundations is taking those piles in the ground and transitioning them to the structure they need to support. These transitions could be as simple as straightforward pile caps, or as complex as custom-built grillages that distribute difficult loads across multiple piles.

Welder is working on fabrication in a shop, close up view of welding

Pile Caps

Pile caps attach (transition) the pile tops from where they stick above the ground to whatever structure they're supporting. This could be a direct connection from the pile cap to the structure, or the cap could tie multiple piles together into one footing. The pile caps are determined by factors like the structure to be supported, soil conditions, and design considerations.


Grillages are foundation components that utilize multiple helical piles to provide an extremely strong platform of support for a variety of structures. A grillage may link as few as 2 or 3 helical piles together, or it could encompass many piles spread across a larger area. Our team is able to design, manufacture, and install, grillages of practically any size to meet the demands of your structure.

Custom Hardware

When dealing with large-scale industrial projects, especially in industries like utilities infrastructure or communication towers, custom hardware may be required. If a custom hardware solution is right for your project, we'll make sure the perfect components are produced or procured to make it work.

Fabrication Services

Dealing with a unique structure or tricky foundation problem that might require a custom touch to pull off? We thrive on identifying and delivering the custom solutions needed to help your project achieve success. With our welding, fabrication, and manufacturing partners, there's virtually nothing we can't create for your foundation.

Why Trust VersaPile With Foundation Fabrication & Manufacturing?

Over the 12+ years that VersaPile has been in business, we've forged strong relationships with a network of quality welders, fabricators, and manufacturers, that are ready to produce custom foundation components and hardware for your project.
Our in-house design and engineering team is experienced with creating custom solutions for even the trickiest situations, helping our clients save their timelines and budgets while ensuring an enduring support for their valuable projects.

Close up view of a heavy-duty square steel pile cap, 2 feet long on each side. The pile cap is welded to the top of a group of four large-diameter helical piles. Two other pile caps are welded to two other groups of four piles

Frequently asked questions about fabrication and manufacturing

  • Does VersaPile perform fabrication and manufacturing in-house?

    While we do have in-house maintenance and repair staff, we coordinate with trusted third-party fabrication and manufacturing firms for most of our custom needs. This ensures all our custom components are built to an unrelenting standard of quality and safety within the timelines required.

  • How do I know if my project will need custom fabrication or manufacturing work?

    The best way to identify any custom work or hardware your project might require is to get in touch with our team and let us review your designs. We prefer using off-the-shelf or commonly-available components and hardware wherever possible in order to maintain efficiency. 
    We'll work with you to determine if any custom components might be required and how they'll be produced.

  • What kinds of components or hardware can VersaPile help produce?

    We can help design and produce virtually any custom foundation components required to transition the piles to your structure. Typical custom components we design and fabricate for clients are:
    ● Pile caps● Grillages● Transition structures

  • Where does VersaPile provide foundation fabrication and manufacturing services?

    Our team of friendly foundation experts proudly serves Central Canada with foundation fabrication and manufacturing services. This includes Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. 

Wide angle of a large John Deere excavator from VersaPile installing large-diameter helical pile into the ground in open field for a communication tower

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