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Geotechnical Investigations

In order to design and install the perfect helical foundation solution for your project in Central Canada, our team needs to know what's going on with your soil.
If you don't have a geotechnical site report, or would like an additional investigation, we can arrange it for you.

    Soil Investigations
    Foundation Recommendations
    Ground Reports

Skip the hassle of hiring a geotechnical firm

Making assumptions about the properties and conditions of the soil at your job site can lead to change orders, delays, and frustrations. You need to know the... 
● Composition● Moisture content● pH level● Bearing capacity● and more
...about your soil, otherwise you're rolling the dice with your foundation design and installation.
VersaPile has built strong relationships with geotechnical engineers that are deeply experienced in testing, analyzing, and reporting, on the soil conditions here in Central Canada. 
We coordinate and work with them on your behalf, so you won't have to worry about anything except receiving a detailed geotechnical soil investigation.

VersaPile employee in yellow hard hat is monitoring large John Deere excavator in rural field installing large-diameter helical piles for communication tower. Large diameter helical piles rest on ground in foreground waiting to be installed.

Why Choose VersaPile for Geotechnical Investigations?

Value-Engineer Your Foundation

Why pay for more foundation than you actually need? Obtaining a high-quality geotechnical report for your job site helps our team of designers and engineers create a value-engineered foundation design. Once we know the unique conditions at your site, we can design a foundation solution that ensures your money and time is spent efficiently and economically.

Reduce Roadblocks & Delays

Delays and unexpected roadblocks cost more than money. They also waste time, one of the most valuable resources on a construction site. Our geotechnical soil investigations identify potential problem-areas or conditions that could cause delays. By understanding the challenges your soil could present, our team can assess how to overcome them before they cause costly delays.


Increase Safety & Longevity

It can take years, sometimes decades, for problems in the soil to become apparent. Excessive soil settlement, poor slope stability, groundwater conditions, even soil contamination, can create lasting foundation problems. A geotechnical investigation from VersaPile will identify soil properties that could cause future problems or early degradation of your foundation.

Plan Long-Term Development

Not all construction projects are "one and done". If you're planning a multi-phase project, have all your geotechnical site investigations for all phases completed at the start. We can conduct site investigations across large building sites, even in areas that won't see construction for years. This provides the data you need to make informed long-term decisions and avoid multiple visits from different geotechnical firms throughout your project.

Frequently asked questions about geotechnical investigations

  • Why work with VersaPile to have a geotechnical soil investigation performed?

    While you can go out and find a geotechnical engineering firm to work with directly, there's several reasons you'd want to let our team at VersaPile handle this for you:
    ● Our team is experienced in managing and communicating with geotechnical partners. This saves your team time and energy that can be better spent on other tasks● We translate the results of the investigation into real-world solutions that increase the efficiency, economy, safety, and longevity, of your foundation● If you're planning a long-term development on a large site that demands multiple investigations, save the hassle and let us coordinate one investigation that covers all your development phases

  • Does VersaPile use in-house geotechnical engineers to perform soil investigations?

    We do not perform geotechnical soil investigations in-house. Instead, we've built relationships with experienced and trustworthy geotechnical engineering firms.
    The result is that you'll enjoy rapid geotechnical investigation services from independent professionals who deliver accurate and unbiased information.  

  • Is it worth having a "second opinion" geotechnical investigation performed?

    If you've already had a geotechnical soil investigation performed at your site, you might still want a second opinion. Whether you're looking to confirm the results of an existing geotechnical investigation or simply want an additional report, we can help. 

  • Can VersaPile perform geotechnical soil investigations for multiple planned structures on a single site?

    Yes, we can do that for you. If you have long-term development plans for a site that include multiple structures, we can arrange to have all the geotechnical investigations performed at the same time.
    Not only does this save you additional investigations later, it also gives you valuable data to inform your development of the site.

  • How can I get a geotechnical site investigation through VersaPile?

    If you'd like to engage our geotechnical investigation services, contact us using the form below. We'll walk you through the process and explain how it all works.

Two VersaPile employees sitting at temporary table set up in agricultural field, monitoring results from a helical pile load test for Manitoba Hydro. Load test rig with hydraulic jack visible in background

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