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VersaPile employee standing in excavated hole, next to a helical pile that has been installed in the ground, they are removing two pins from top of helical pile to detach it from the helical drive attachment on a large excavator

We don't just follow standards. We are the standard.

VersaPile is a Certified Aboriginal Business staffed by a team of expert professionals who are dedicated to designing and installing incredible helical foundations in Central Canada.
Since 2011, our team has installed thousands of helical piles across Central Canada and Northwest Ontario.
We specialize in deep foundations for hydro transmission lines, substations, wireless and telecommunication towers, oil & gas facilities and pipelines, industrial structures, municipal and government projects, and more.
Our team has also played an instrumental role in helping organizations like the City of Winnipeg and Manitoba Hydro create and set standards for the design and use of helical pile foundations for mission-critical infrastructure.


Our Mission at VersaPile

"To engineer, install, and test, sustainable deep foundations that disrupt the status quo and last for generations"

VersaPile's Core Values

What we believe, how we lead our team, and how we treat you

VersaPile Employee Working in Large Yellow Komatsu Excavator With Helical Piles in Foreground
  • Do The Right Thing (Even When No One is Watching)

    It's one thing to have integrity and be upstanding when there's an audience. Keeping that integrity even when no one else is around to see can be much more difficult. VersaPile is committed to work with honesty and integrity, regardless of who is (or isn't) watching.

  • Always Raise The Bar

    We aren't satisfied with the "status quo", we push each-other to continually refine our skills and never stop learning. This enables our team to provide you with technical, accurate, and safe deep foundations that will last for generations.

  • Be Like Ants

    The humble ant is a big role model for the team at VersaPile. While a single ant can't accomplish much, working as a group they can build epic feats of engineering. None of us are an island, we all depend on each-others expertise and experience to do your job right.

  • Keep A Sharp Axe

    Abraham Lincoln famously said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Preparation and planning are essential to a successful project, so we take the time to strategically "sharpen our axes".

  • Be Friendly, Be Professional

    We're serious about your deep foundation, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. When you deal with our team, you'll be dealing with friendly and authentic people that are actually enjoyable to talk to. Because there's no reason serious professionals have to be, well, serious.

What We Do At VersaPile

Our team is more than just installers, we offer a complete range of deep foundation services for industrial and commercial construction

  • In-House Foundation Design & Engineering

  • Foundation Installation

  • Pile Load Testing

  • Geotechnical Investigations

  • Fabrication & Manufacturing

  • Knowledge Sessions

Clients We've Worked With

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Clients We've Worked With

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