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Learn more about how helical piles work, where they're used, and how your project might benefit. Engineering-first articles from friendly foundation experts.

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    Unlocking Potential: The Complete Guide to Helical Pile Load Testing

    A helical pile load test can do a whole lot more than tell you the ultimate capacity of a pile. It can unlock a whole new level of engineering and control over your foundation and deliver more efficient results.

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    Cost Factors of Infrastructure Construction In Rural Canada

    The cost of construction in rural and remote regions of Canada has increased by a huge amount in the last few years. With demand for infrastructure in these areas increasing, here's the factors that can affect the cost of your project (and how to overcome them).

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    What's the TRUE Cost of a Helical Screw Pile Foundation?

    It's one of the most popular questions we get asked: How much will my foundation cost? We've written one of the most comprehensive guides out there to understanding exactly what influences the cost of your foundation.

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    Why Engineers Choose Helical Pile Foundations for Communications Towers

    Helical piles have become a first-choice foundation for many telecommunications companies and contractors. Why have they become such a favorite, and what are the current and future implications for telecom infrastructure construction?

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    The Story of How Helical Piles Helped Save a Historic Building

    When a developer looked to give a 91 year-old heritage building new life as a unique condominium and retail shops, foundation challenges looked set to threaten the project's future. It would take a clever helical pile solution, and a very tight squeeze, to bring the building back to life.