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VersaPile employee in yellow hard hat is monitoring large John Deere excavator in rural field installing large-diameter helical piles for communication tower. Large diameter helical piles rest on ground in foreground waiting to be installed.


Foundation Installation

Our team of highly-trained and relentlessly-focused foundation installers are ready to put an unwavering foundation underneath your next project. We install helical piles, ground screws, pile caps, grillages, and custom-made support structures.

    Helical Pile Installation
    Ground Screw Installation
    Foundation Finishing (Caps, Welding, Manufacturing)
    Temporary Piles

Foundation Installation From Foundation Experts


Helical Pile Installation

The best helical foundation design in the world can be let-down by a sub-par installation. At VersaPile, we carefully train all of our installers to exacting standards so they're prepared to perform exceptional work when they reach your job site. Each and every helical pile our dependable crews install is checked and double-checked for accuracy and safety.

Ground Screw Installation

Helical piles aren't the only foundation solution we handle here at VersaPile. In some circumstances, heavy-duty ground screws can be an ideal foundation solution. With similar benefits to helical piles, such as low soil displacement and efficient installation, ground screws can be an ideal choice depending on your structure and site conditions.

Foundation Finishing

Installing a safe and sturdy helical pier or ground screw is only one part of the foundation. VersaPile can install pile caps, grillages, and other support structures to complete your foundation. If you require a custom pile-to-structure transition, our team can help with the design and manufacture of structural components and hardware either in-house or with our trusted fabrication partners

Temporary Piles

Helical piles are an ideal solution where heavy-duty, but temporary, support is required. Able to be uninstalled with minimal ground disturbance and requiring very little remediation, they're an efficient choice for everything from temporary structures and guy-lines to reaction piles for a foundation pile load-testing rig 

Why Trust VersaPile to Install Your Foundation?

A strong, efficient, and value-engineered helical foundation design is worthless without a superb team of installers to implement it. Our crews have been installing helical piles for years in virtually every condition Central Canada can offer.
With a range of equipment to suit any job and on-site maintenance staff, we happily handle large-scale technical installations. Installing durable and high-performing foundations for industrial and commercial projects demands an exacting level of skill and precision.
At VersaPile, we train our team relentlessly to ensure everyone does their part to make the installation process as easy and efficient as possible.

Wide angle shot of large John Deere excavator installing a large-diameter helical pile at the top of a hill in an agricultural field, working underneath a powerline to install foundation for communication tower

Frequently asked questions about helical foundation installation

  • How long does it take to install a helical pile foundation?

    How long it will take to install your helical pile foundation depends on a variety of factors, one of the most important being how many piles you need and their configuration. 
    On average a helical pile foundation can be installed much faster than concrete. They can also be faster than driven piles, depending on the site conditions and foundation design.

  • What equipment does VersaPile use to install foundations?

    We use standard construction equipment such as excavators, skidsteers, and telehandlers, to handle and install helical piles. Trucks and trailers are used to transport equipment and piles. 

  • What size helical piles can VersaPile install?

    The helical drives and construction equipment we use at VersaPile allows us to install large, high-capacity helical piles suited for industrial projects with demanding axial and lateral loads. We are one of the only helical foundation companies based in Central Canada that has the experience and equipment capable of installing large-diameter helical piles. 

  • Where does VersaPile provide foundation installation services?

    Our team of friendly foundation experts proudly serves Central Canada with deep foundation installation services. This includes Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. 

Wide angle of a large John Deere excavator from VersaPile installing large-diameter helical pile into the ground in open field for a communication tower

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