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Close-up of VersaPile skidsteer with a helical drive attached to it, installing a helical pile into the ground on grassy empty lot in a Northern Community

First Foundations Program

Turning Indigenous contractors into confident helical pile foundation installers

Use your existing equipment to install foundations that last for generations. Offer foundation services to other communities. Get contracts from companies looking to build in your territory.

What is the First Foundations program?

Houses that shift, doors that won't close, cracks in walls, gaps in window frames, mold infestations... it's all the result of the wrong foundations being used to support structures in First Nations communities.
As a contractor, you know that healthy buildings start with stable foundations. You also know that structural foundations in Indigenous communities are failing at a shocking and alarming rate.
The First Foundations program is open to contractors from Indigenous and remote communities in Canada and is designed to:
 Teach you how to install safer, more reliable, higher-performing helical pile foundations for residential housing, community buildings, and commercial/industrial projects (using equipment you or your community likely already owns)
 Equip you with the knowledge, training, and support you need to bid on the foundation work for the multi-billion dollar companies looking to operate in your traditional territory
 Provide foundation installation services for other communities in your region
 Build a successful small business, enjoy economic independence, and provide employment for others in your community while learning a valuable high-demand construction skill

Close-up of VersaPile skidsteer with a helical drive attached to it, installing a helical pile into the ground on grassy empty lot in a Northern Community

Can't use deep foundations in your community? You can still skip the concrete.

If your soil isn't appropriate for deep foundations, you don't have to rely on messy concrete or wood cribbing. VersaPost is a fully adjustable shallow foundation alternative to cribbing or blocking. Easy, fast, affordable, and versatile.

Cover of the VersaPost adjustable cribbing and blocking alternative brochure document. It shows the VersaPost adjustable foundation system supporting a house in a Northern Community.

About VersaPile

We are a Certified Aboriginal Owned-and-Operated deep foundation company that serves industrial and commercial clients. Our crews have worked in Indigenous and remote communities across Central Canada and saw first-hand the need for a better foundation solution. So, we created the First Foundations Program to train local contractors to install quality helical pile foundations in their own community - and beyond.

Why Take the First Foundations Program?

    Install durable & economical foundations in the community

    Offer foundation services to surrounding communities

    Create local job opportunities and build your economy

    Build community projects on your own timeline

    Helical piles don't spoil like bags of concrete - less waste

3D render of a cutaway-view of an art installation that looks like a Teepee created from steel tubes. The steel tubes are anchored to helical piles, which can be seen installed into the ground in the cutaway view

Trained. Certified. Trusted.

At VersaPile, we have the training and certifications that ensure our team will deliver outstanding foundation installation training services for you and your community.

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How The First Foundations Program Works

Training That's Tailored To Your Needs

Over the years, our team has worked with a range of Indigenous contractors of all skill levels and experience. You don't have to be an expert contractor or master builder to provide reliable foundations in your community.
While you'll absolutely benefit from that, if you can safely run a skidsteer and have great attention-to-detail, odds are you can learn how to install helical piles.
Our First Foundations program is straightforward and easy to understand, with the training and support specifically tailored to your level of ability.
As you gain knowledge and experience, you'll advance through three levels of the First Foundations Program to eventually become a Certified Installer. By the end, you'll be confidently delivering efficient and effective foundations for projects in your community and beyond.

  • Step One | Discovery

    Your training and support is customised to your specific level of ability, experience, and available equipment. The first step is to understand where you are right now, then create a training plan to develop you into a confident helical pile installer.

  • Step Two | Training

    With over ten years of first-hand experience building foundations in Indigenous communities, our team will deliver hands-on training that will give you the real-world experience needed to set you up for success.

  • Step Three | Advancement

    As you earn valuable experience, you'll eventually become a Certified Installer who is ready and confident to provide excellent foundations in the community and beyond.

  • Step Four | On-Going Support

    You'll continue to receive support from our team at VersaPile, ensuring that you always have somewhere to turn if you need a little extra help.

The Three Levels of a First Foundations Installer



A beginner has little experience in construction and/or equipment operation. For beginners, installs are usually done by a VersaPile crew. You'll work with the install crew, and learn how a VersaPile foundation is properly installed. You get hands-on training installing reliable foundations and gain experience.



You have a fundamental understanding of construction, with basic experience operating equipment. In this stage, most often VersaPile will send a single foundation expert to your community. They will help you install a VersaPile foundation with your skills and equipment, and gain confidence in your work.



An expert is a Certified Installer, with experience installing VersaPile foundations in their community. At this level, all you'll need is occasional support over email or phone from VersaPile. As an expert, you can take your skills and offer foundation contracting to neighboring communities and businesses.

Want a copy of the information about the First Foundations Program? Download it instantly

No time to read our website? Want an offline copy of the details about our First Foundations Program? Click the button below to download a 2-page PDF brochure packed with useful information you can refer to and share

Screenshot of the cover of a brochure that details information about First Foundations program offered by VersaPile

What do you get from the First Foundations program?


First Foundations starts with assessing what skills you already have.

We customize the training course to suit your needs and skill level, all that's required is some experience in construction or contracting.

If all you need is basic training, our trainers will focus the course on that.

If you require a little hands-on help or on-site supervision, our friendly trainers will arrange it - so you can become confident, expert foundation contractors.

Hands-On Experience

Learning how to become an expert foundation installer doesn't just happen in a classroom.

With First Foundations, you'll get hands-on experience installing foundations right in your community. Not only will you be able to install foundations at a fraction of the cost, but you'll have the pride of knowing that you're deciding how things are done in your community.

During the entire process, our foundation experts will be on-hand to answer questions and guide you. At the end, you can become a reliable foundation contractor for the area.

A VersaPile mini-excavator is chained-down to a flat bed trailer which is parked next to a large propane tank on an industrial yard. The excavator is installing a helical pile into the ground while still sitting on the flatbed trailer. An employee in a har

How does the First Foundations program create income for you?

Indigenous peoples have lived on the land for generations. That means you have the right to meaningfully participate in any development that takes place on your traditional territory.
When you become a certified First Foundations Installer, you can work with these companies as their preferred foundation contractor. Because you're a local member of the community, they'll give you preference over an outside contractor that may not even understand your region or soil conditions.
You might even find yourself providing foundation installation services to surrounding communities and customers, as the demand of helical foundations continues to grow.
The development of northern and remote areas is increasing at a rapid pace. Take advantage of this growth by becoming the "foundation expert" in your region.

What kinds of projects can you install helical foundations for?

Helical piles are a well-understood and widely-used foundation solution. You can find them supporting almost any structure, but here's some of the common projects our First Foundation Installers work with:

    Residential Housing

    Community Buildings

    Light Infrastructure

    Cabins & Cottages

    Boat Docks

    Hunting Stands

    Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings

    Large Generators

A close-up view of the back of a VersaPile mini excavator that is installing helical piles into the ground for a housing project

Get Started With First Foundations In 3 Easy Steps

Are you ready to become a confident Certified Installer and provide better foundations for your community and region? Here's how you can get started...

  • 1

    Contact VersaPile to set up an initial discovery meeting

  • 2

    We'll work with you to identify your needs and a training plan

  • 3

    You approve the plan and we schedule the training dates

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