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Deep Foundations for Transmission & Distribution

We plan, design, and install, deep foundations for the power and utilities industry across Central Canada

Foundation Services For Transmission & Distribution Utilities Construction

When it comes to mission-critical infrastructure for hydro transmission or distribution, our friendly team has the experience and know-how to put your next project on an unfailing footing

Wide angle view of large-scale racking that is holding industrial electrical equipment in a hydro transmission and distribution substation

Foundations for Hydro Utilities Transmission Infrastructure

Helical pile foundations are an excellent foundation solution for utilities transmission and distribution construction projects in Canada.
Their speed of installation, enormous load capacities, and endlessly adaptable designs, have made them a preferred foundation for many utility contractors and hydro companies.

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    Getting power safely and consistently from one location to another is a complex challenge that takes countless engineering solutions.
    From the transmission lines that carry countless kilovolts to the substations that manage and transform our energy, we can't have a dependable electrical grid unless with have unfaltering foundations.

Helical Piles Can Be Used For...

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    Transmission TowersTall, relatively narrow, lightly loaded, and subject to high lateral loads. Transmission towers are a huge challenge to support. Helical piles can replace hundreds of tonnes, if not thousands, of concrete in your foundation. Outstanding capacity in uplift and tension makes them ideal for the demands of transmission line construction.

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    Transmission SubstationsChoosing the right foundation for a transmission substation is tough. There's range of structures to support, from electrical equipment to outbuildings and even security fencing. The adaptable nature of helical piles means they can support every component of a transmission substation.

A black pickup truck with a VersaPile logo on the side is parked in front of a large hydro transmission tower that has been installed on a helical pile foundation

Foundations for Hydro Utilities Distribution Infrastructure

If you're searching for a faster, less messy, less hassle, more durable foundation than concrete, you've found it. Helical piles are seeing widespread use for hydro distribution infrastructure and equipment across Canada.
From specialty technologies like bucket piles for local power lines to straightforward deep foundation solutions, helical piles are helping utility contractors and hydro companies finish projects faster and for less money.

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    The unique nature of helical piles means they can be used for a stunning variety of hydro distribution projects. In fact, a helical foundation can be used for virtually every aspect of utilities distribution construction.
    At VersaPile, we pride ourselves on delivering value-engineered designs to the hydro distribution industry and backing them up with exceptional helical installation services.

Helical Piles Can Be Used For...

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    Distribution SubstationsFrom support structures like dead-end frames to critical safety equipment, helical pile foundations can be used for all aspects of distribution station construction

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    Local Power LinesThe front-line of power distribution is supported by local power lines (hydro poles). Special helical piles such as bucket piles can put power lines on a much stronger foundation that's resistant to damage.

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    Circuit BreakersThese bulky and heavy pieces of safety equipment are critical for a stable and dependable grid. Helical piles are the perfect stable, dependable foundation solution for circuit breakers.

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    CapacitorsWhether it's a single capacitor or an entire bank of them, odds are we have a helical foundation solution that can fit the bill.

What VersaPile Can Do For Your Utilities Project

Geotechnical Investigations

Understanding the soil conditions on your site is crucial for our team to develop an accurate and effective foundation. If you haven't conducted a soil analysis, or you'd like to double-check a previous geotech report, our team is ready to help.

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    We can carry out a full geotechnical investigation to identify the soil conditions and uncover potential issues on your site. You'll receive a detailed geotechnical report that includes any conditions you should be aware of, along with the potential implications for your project.
    If you're planning a complex, long-term project with multiple stages, we can provide an all-inclusive geotechnical assessment. This delivers a comprehensive understanding of the soil conditions across your entire site, protecting your project against hidden problems.
    A strong geotechnical report helps us design a robust foundation and can prevent surprise costs or complications from unforeseen soil conditions.

In-House Design & Engineering

Designing a sturdy, streamlined, and cost-effective helical pile foundation doesn't happen by accident. Our team has years of experience planning and engineering helical foundations for transmission & distribution projects. We'll help you get the right foundation design.

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    Planning a helical pile foundation isn't like other technologies like concrete or driven piles. 
    It takes an engineer with a keen understanding of a helical pile's unique properties and interactions with the soil to create an efficient and value-engineered solution.
    We can help you with everything from full-stack foundation engineering services to reviews of your own foundation design. Often times, we can help our clients save money and time by uncovering design efficiencies.
    Our in-house engineers rigorously review every foundation design to guarantee safety and performance. We do not practice "rubber stamp" engineering at VersaPile.
    Don't waste money or lose time on an inefficient foundation design. We'll help you match the right helical solution to your project.

Installation & Testing

Installing durable and high-performing foundations for communication towers and infrastructure demands an exacting level of skill and precision. At VersaPile, we train our team relentlessly to ensure everyone does their part to make the installation process as easy and efficient as possible. Plus, we can perform pile testing to guarantee the performance of your foundation.

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    Helical pile foundations for communication towers are more than just "pipes in the ground". There's an entire science dedicated to understanding the unique, and varied, interactions between helical pile foundations and the soil.

    This is especially true for communication towers, where job sites can be located anywhere from a remote hilltop to a packed urban environment.

    Don't sweat the foundation for your next tower project. We'll handle the entire installation and testing process for you, from A to Z.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Once your helical piles are in the ground, they still need to be transformed into a cohesive foundation. This is achieved with components like grillages, pile caps, transitions, and other support structures. Our in-house design and fabrication teams will design an exact solution for your project.

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    In order to tie the helical piles in the ground to the structure they need to support, your project might need a simple pile cap or it could demand a custom-built grillage to distribute loads across multiple piles.
    Our team includes designers and fabricators that can plan and build these structures for your project. 

Who is VersaPile?

What makes our team qualified to serve as your deep foundation partner?

We're a team of people who are passionate about delivering the most streamlined foundation services that keep your projects on-time and on-budget.
We're deeply experienced in the unique challenges that come with performing foundation work in challenging conditions and locations. With a team of 25+ dedicated professionals and 4 complete installation crews, we're ready to put your project on a safe and efficient foundation.

VersaPile Excavator Installs High Capacity Helical Pile With Help From Skidsteer Underneath Transmission Lines Foundation for Infrastructure

Trained. Certified. Trusted.

At VersaPile, we don't just talk about our skills. We relentlessly train and improve our team so we can deliver unrivalled foundation contracting services and expertise to your project. We'll let our certifications and memberships speak for us.

Award "Best Service Provider"
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Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
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Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"

Why Helical Piles Make Sense for Transmission & Distribution

You may already be familiar with some of the reasons to use helical pile foundations. Just in case, here's a few more benefits to letting VersaPile design, engineer, and install, your foundation for T&D and utilities

Installs (Almost) Anywhere

Whether your project is in a remote muskeg field or dense urban community, helical piles are incredibly adaptable and can be quietly installed in (practically) any location

Winter Weather Ready

Pouring concrete in winter can be expensive, time-consuming, and brings too many unknowns. Helical piles can be reliably installed in winter and loaded immediately.

Less Impact to Land

The mark that infrastructure construction leaves on the land is an important consideration. Helical piles install with no disturbance to soil or environment

Value Engineered

Our team is trained in designing hyper-efficient helical foundation solutions. By taking a value-engineered approach, we ensure you don't pay for more foundation than you need

Easier Mobilization

Hauling tonnes of concrete to a job site is costly and awkward to manage. Helical piles are much more compact and lightweight, making them efficient and cost-effective to transport.

Streamlined Process

Our carefully-designed systems and processes ensure your installation is on the path to success every step of the way - from foundation design to installation. 

How Does the VersaPile Process Work?

We are your premier foundation partner at every step of the foundation journey. Here's how we work with you to put your project on the durable support it deserves



In the design phase, we learn about your project and requirements. Depending on your needs, our team can handle everything from geotechnical investigations to the engineering of the foundation



Great planning and a coordinated team are the pillars of our installation process. By taking the time to create a clear strategy for installation, we'll do everything possible to ensure a zero-delay foundation installation



Our trained crew can perform helical pile foundation testing to guarantee the performance of your helical foundation. Satisfy building codes or simply enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your foundation will perform as intended

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