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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are "industrial" helical pile foundations?

    We use the term "industrial helical piles" here at VersaPile to distinguish the helical foundations we install from other companies who primarily focus on the light-duty residential markets.

    While the engineering concepts behind an industrial helical pile foundation share similarities with residential helical applications, we believe it's important to draw a line between the two.

    Designing and installing high-capacity helical foundations for industrial-scale hydro, transmission & distribution, oil & gas, and Indigenous community projects, demands a high level of technical skill and experience.

    Our team has engineered and installed thousands of helical piles in some of the toughest conditions imaginable, supporting critical infrastructure like hydro transmission lines and telecommunication towers.

  • Where are helical piles being used in Canada?

    Helical pile foundations are used across Canada, and the world, for almost any project you can think of. From 30+ story highrise buildings to hydro utilities infrastructure and rural internet infrastructure, helical piles are used every single day to support industrial and residential construction.

    Some of the projects VersaPile can design and install helical pile foundations for include:
    ● Hydro Utilities Infrastructure
    ● Power Transmission Lines
    ● Battery Energy Storage Systems
    ● Distribution Substations
    ● Transmission Stations
    ● Communication Towers
    ● Internet Infrastructure

  • Are helical piles better than concrete?

    There's no straight-and-easy answer to that question. Which foundation is right for your project depends on a wide range of factors, some of which are:
    ● Location of your jobsite
    ● Type of structure to be supported
    ● Soil composition and conditions
    ● Climate and weather conditions
    ● Expected structural loads

    Once we understand all the factors associated with your project, we can tell you whether or not a helical foundation solution makes sense. If we see that another foundation technology, like concrete, would serve your needs better than we'll be honest and tell you that.

  • How long has VersaPile been in business?

    Our team has been designing and installing helical pile foundations since 2015. In total our employees have a combined total of more than 100 years working in construction and foundations.

  • Does VersaPile install foundations for residential projects?

    VersaPile does not install foundations for residential projects. Our focus is serving clients and projects in the following markets:
    ● Transmission & Distribution
    ● Communication Towers
    ● Oil & Gas
    ● Indigenous Communities