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Helical Pile Foundations for Communication Towers

Helical piles have become a preferred alternative to typical poured concrete or driven pile foundations for communication tower construction in Canada.
Able to be installed quickly and safely in difficult locations and challenging ground conditions, helical foundations are an ideal match for communication tower construction.
With excellent resistance to axial and lateral loads in both compression and tension, they're an efficient and durable foundation that's easy to remove and remediate.

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    Eliminate delays and hassle of concrete foundations

  • Reduce impact on local environment and keep regulators happy

  • Increase site safety and project efficiency

Communication Tower Foundations

We're experienced and equipped to design and install deep foundations for virtually any type of communication tower on the market today

Wide angle shot of tall monopole communication tower that has been built on a helical pile foundation

Monopole Towers

Monopole towers are popular in urban areas owing to their minimal footprint and adherence to city planning. Our crews are experienced in performing installations safely and respectfully in populated areas. With helical piles, we can have your foundation installed and ready to use in a fraction of the time and without the mess of concrete.

Wide angle shot of a tall lattice communication tower that has been built on a helical pile foundation

Lattice Towers

Helical piles are an excellent foundation for lattice communication towers due to their outstanding resistance to tension and compression loads both laterally and axially. Lightweight and easy-to-transport, helical piles are an economical foundation for supporting towers on remote sites, leased land, and weak soils.

Wide angle shot of a large John Deere excavator in a field next to a tall guyed tower that has been built on a helical pile foundation

Guyed Tower

Guyed towers are one of the most common communication structures in the world. Traditionally, large concrete bases were poured to support the mast and guy lines. Now, helical piles have become a preferred foundation owing to their high resistance to tension and compression loads.

Foundation Services For Communication Tower Construction

Geotechnical Investigations

Having a strong understanding of the soil conditions at your site is pivotal for our team to design a value-engineered foundation that delivers the support you need. If you haven't performed a geotechnical investigation or would like to confirm a previous investigation, we can help.

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    VersaPile has built strong relationships with geotechnical engineers that are deeply experienced in testing and analyzing soil conditions in Central Canada.
    We offer full-stack geotechnical investigations that help uncover any potential challenges or issues with your site. You'll receive a thorough and detailed geotechnical report that highlights any conditions you need to be aware of.
    If you're planning a long-term multi-phase project, ask us how you can get a complete geotechnical investigation that covers all phases of your project.
    Let our team uncover the story of your soil, design a better foundation for your project, and save you from unexpected costs or conditions.

In-House Design & Engineering

Designing a sturdy, streamlined, and cost-effective helical pile foundation doesn't happen by accident. Our team has years of experience planning and engineering helical foundations for transmission & distribution projects. We'll help you get the right foundation design.

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    Planning a helical pile foundation isn't like other technologies like concrete or driven piles.

    It takes an engineer with a keen understanding of a helical pile's unique properties and interactions with the soil to create an efficient and value-engineered solution.

    We can help you with everything from full-stack foundation engineering services to reviews of your own foundation design. Often times, we can help our clients save money and time by uncovering design efficiencies.

    Our in-house engineers rigorously review every foundation design to guarantee safety and performance. We do not practice "rubber stamp" engineering at VersaPile.

    Don't waste money or lose time on an inefficient foundation design. We'll help you match the right helical solution to your project.

Installation & Testing

Installing durable and high-performing foundations for communication towers and infrastructure demands an exacting level of skill and precision. At VersaPile, we train our team relentlessly to ensure everyone does their part to make the installation process as easy and efficient as possible. Plus, we can perform pile load testing to guarantee the performance of your foundation.

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    Helical pile foundations for communication towers are more than just "pipes in the ground". There's an entire science dedicated to understanding the unique, and varied, interactions between helical pile foundations and the soil.
    This is especially true for communication towers, where job sites can be located anywhere from a remote hilltop to a packed urban environment.
    Don't sweat the foundation for your next tower project. We'll handle the entire installation and testing process for you, from A to Z.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Once your helical piles are in the ground, they need to be transformed into a cohesive foundation for your communication tower. This is achieved with components like grillages, pile caps, transitions, and other support structures. Our in-house design and fabrication teams will design an exact solution for your project.

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    In order to tie the helical piles in the ground to the structure they need to support, your project might need anything from a simple pile cap to a custom-built grillage that distributes the load across multiple piles.
    Regardless of your needs, our team of designers and fabricators can plan and build these support structures for your project.

Extreme close-up of VersaPile employee in hard hat checking a helical pile installation for accuracy using a level

About VersaPile

Why are we one of Central Canada's top-picks for communication tower foundation contractors?

Our team at VersaPile is serious about communication tower foundations. From our friendly sales staff who will help assess your project's needs to the estimators and engineers creating efficient foundation designs, the whole team here is dedicated to deep foundations.
That's why our customers depend on our foundation services time and time again. Because our customers know when they work with us, they work with a team who cares about more than getting paid. We care about delivering the highest standard of foundation service possible to the communication tower construction industry.

Trained. Certified. Trusted.

At VersaPile, we don't just talk about our skills. We relentlessly train and improve our team so we can deliver unrivalled foundation contracting services and expertise to your project. We'll let our certifications and memberships speak for us.

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Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"

Why Choose a Helical Foundation for Communication Towers

You probably already know quite a few of the benefits that come with helical piles. Here's a few more reasons helical piles are a great fit for communication tower projects...

Low/No Land Impact

Skip the excavation and future site remediation hassles that come with concrete. Helical piles can be installed and uninstalled with virtually zero impact to the land, keeping your lease-holders happy

Better for Urban Areas

In populated areas, people don't want to see (or hear) concrete trucks or pile-driving equipment. Helical piles use minimal equipment and produce practically no noise or vibrations, which means less headaches for everyone

Environmentally Friendly

Like it or not, more scrutiny than ever is being paid to construction activity. Helical piles use vastly less raw material than concrete and produce considerably fewer CO2 emissions

Build in More Locations

Don't let your foundation limit where you build. Helical piles can be affordably installed in locations concrete or driven piles can't, creating new possibilities for your infrastructure


Our team uses the latest in helical pile development and design to create a foundation solution that suits your project perfectly - never pay for more foundation than you need


Building reliable communications infrastructure is hard enough. Our helical foundations avoid the hassles, delays, and headaches, that can come with other foundation technologies

How Does the VersaPile Process Work?

We are your premier foundation partner at every step of the foundation journey. Here's how we work with you to put your project on the durable support it deserves



In the design phase, we learn about your project and requirements. Depending on your needs, our team can handle everything from geotechnical investigations to the engineering of the foundation



Great planning and a coordinated team are the pillars of our installation process. By taking the time to create a clear strategy for installation, we'll do everything possible to ensure a zero-delay foundation installation



Our trained crew can perform helical pile foundation testing to guarantee the performance of your helical foundation. Satisfy building codes or simply enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your foundation will perform as intended

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