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Foundation Design & Engineering

VersaPile is a certified geostructural foundation engineer with qualifications in structural and geotechnical engineering. Our in-house team of designers and engineers will create a safe and efficient helical foundation for your project. Whether you need complete foundation engineering services or simply want a second assessment of your existing design, we're ready to help.

    Foundation Design
    Soil Investigations
    CAD Drawings
    Site Plans

Engineers Who Understand Helical Piles

Designing a helical pile foundation is a unique task. They interact with the soil differently compared to other technologies, so it takes an engineer with helical pile experience to draft efficient and effective foundation plans.
Our engineers have deep knowledge of helical piles and know how to leverage the technology to produce safe, durable, and cost-effective, foundation designs.

Foundation Designs

Designing a helical pile foundation isn't like cast or driven piles. If you want an efficient and value-engineered helical foundation solution, our helical experts should be your first call  

Foundation Engineering

We are a certified geostructural engineer with qualifications in structural and geotechnical foundation engineering. We can provide you with a suite of foundation engineering services.


Engineered Drawings

Our team can produce engineer-certified and stamped foundation drawings to satisfy regulatory demands and your internal processes

Foundation Design Review

Already have a helical foundation design? We can review it to ensure it's as efficient and economical as possible

We do not practice "rubber stamp" engineering. If our engineers don't believe helical piles are a good fit for your project, then we'll be honest and open about it.
Connect with us and let's identify the right foundation solution to your project.

3D Render Cutaway View of Helical Pile Foundtion Design for Indigenous TeePee Art Installation at Folk Festival

Why Trust VersaPile to Engineer Your Foundation?

Our in-house design and engineering team reduces delays and increases the efficiency and economy of your foundation by bringing a keen understanding of helical pile technology to your project.
We understand the "ins-and-outs" of drafting helical foundation designs for large-scale, high-capacity projects in the industrial and commercial space. Tight access restrictions, tough soil conditions, awkward structures, regulatory limitations, remote locations - our team has devised foundations for the trickiest projects in the harshest circumstances.
Simplify the design and engineering process for your deep foundation. Get in touch with our friendly team of experts and engineers today.

Aerial view of VersaPile Crews Using Large Excavator and Mini Excavator on Frozen Lake to Install Helical Pile Foundation

Frequently asked questions about helical foundation design and engineering

  • How early should I engage with the VersaPile team for design or engineering services?

    As early as possible! If you know what structure you want to build, then getting in touch with our team should be your first step. By connecting with us early in the process we can help you:
    ● Confirm if a helical foundation solution is right for your project● Review geotechnical soil investigation and use that data to improve foundation designs● Identify potential roadblocks, problems, or challenges, and the solutions to overcome them● Value-engineer your foundation design to ensure you're not paying for more than you actually need 

  • Does VersaPile actually have in-house engineers?

    Yes, VersaPile has an in-house engineer that is employed by our company and not from a third-party firm. They are a certified Geostructural Engineer with qualifications in structural and geotechnical foundation engineering. 
    However, we also have excellent relationships with trusted third-party engineering firms that can supplement our in-house teams. 
    When you work with us on your foundation, you work with a team who truly does put engineering first.

  • Does your team provide design and engineering services for foundations other than helical piles?

    While helical piles are our specialty and primary focus here at VersaPile, there are times where we may suggest a similar foundation solution such as Krinner Ground Screws. We're also completely honest if your project wouldn't be a good fit for a helical pile foundation.

  • Where does VersaPile provide foundation design and engineering services?

    Our team of friendly foundation engineers and experts proudly serves Central Canada with foundation design and engineering services. This includes Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. 

Extreme close-up of VersaPile employee in hard hat checking a helical pile installation for accuracy using a level

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