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Close up view of VersaPile employee checking the quality of a helical pile installation using electronic equipment attached to the top of the helical pile


Knowledge Sessions

Deep foundations for industrial and commercial construction, especially large-scale projects, can be a source of confusion and even frustration for your team.
Let our friendly experts and engineers at VersaPile teach you and your team about helical foundation solutions using unbiased and data-driven information.

    Helical Pile Use-Cases
    Understanding Design Considerations
    Real-World Case Studies
    Unbiased Information

How Does a Knowledge Session Work?

Forget sales presentations disguised as "Lunch & Learns". Our Knowledge Sessions give you the straight facts about helical pile foundations for commercial and industrial construction in Central Canada. No nonsense or sales pitches.
A session can be hosted for as few as 5 or as many as 50 attendees. All we need is space for our laptop and TV, room for everyone to sit, and some of your time.

  • See where and how helical foundations are used for large-scale, high-capacity projects in commercial and industrial markets in Central Canada

  • Learn the history of helical piles and why they're more relevant and effective than ever, almost two centuries after their invention

  • See real-world case studies of projects where helical piles helped clients get more efficient, effective, and economical, support

  • Gain a clear understanding of the benefits, and downsides, of a helical foundation solution

Wide angle shot of a large John Deere excavator in a field with a helical pile attached to a helical drive on the end of the excavator arm. The helical pile is being held just above the surface of the ground, ready to be installed

Why Trust VersaPile to Deliver a Knowledge Session?

We know it can feel suspicious when a company offers to come to your workplace and walk you through their solution. You almost expect it to feel more like a sales pitch and less like a useful information session.
We'll be honest: At VersaPile, we're not focused on convincing you to choose a helical pile solution for all your projects. A helical pile solution might not even be the right choice for your projects.
Our goal with these sessions is to introduce you to helical foundation technology, show you the scenarios where it makes sense, and walk you through how contractors and companies are using it to support their projects. If, after the session, you're interested in learning more then our experts are happy to explore your unique needs and see if a helical solution may make sense.

A large yellow Case excavator from VersaPile is working inside an active hydro transmission substation, installing helical piles for new industrial grade electrical equipment. Various pieces of industrial electrical equipment, transmisson lines, and towers

Frequently asked questions about knowledge sessions

  • How do I request that VersaPile hosts a knowledge session for my team?

    If you'd like VersaPile to come and host a knowledge session for your team, all you need to do is contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. Let us know you're interested in a knowledge session, and we'll guide you through the rest.

  • What will I or my team learn in a knowledge session?

    You or your team will learn about:
    ● What helical piles are and how they work● The history of helical piles and why they're still relevant● How helical piles are designed and installed● What kinds of structures helical foundations can support● Where helical piles can be installed● The benefits, and downsides, of helical foundations

  • Will you try to "sell" myself or my team on helical pile foundations?

    Our Knowledge Sessions are exactly that: sessions that provide knowledge to you and your team. We'll never try to "sell" you on choosing helical piles. We simply aim to inform you about the technology and how it can be used.

  • Where does VersaPile host Knowledge Sessions?

    Our team of friendly foundation experts host Knowledge Sessions within the province of Manitoba. We may set minimum attendance numbers based on the distance our team has to travel to host the session. Get in touch with us for more details!

Two VersaPile employees in hard hats are standing next to a large-diameter helical pile that is being installed by a large John Deere excavator in a field with a residential housing development nearby in background. Sunny day with blue skies and clouds

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