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Helical Piles for Commercial Greenhouse

A large commercial greenhouse needed a foundation capable of resisting high uplift forces from frost, even under a lightly-loaded structure. Helical piles delivered the solution


St. Mary's Nursery


Commercial Greenhouse


The contractor in charge of building a new commercial greenhouse for a garden nursery approached VersaPile to inquire about a foundation for the structure. Because greenhouses are relatively light structures for their size, the contractor was concerned it would not be heavy enough to make a concrete foundation an effective solution.
The region this greenhouse was built in has a climate of cold winters, typically high soil moisture, and a deep frost line. If a concrete foundation had been selected, the light weight of the structure combined with high uplift forces from frost would likely have caused structural issues in short order. Additionally, the humid environment that greenhouses create can cause moisture-related problems in concrete foundations.
Helical piles were an ideal choice, as they can resist high uplift forces from frost even when lightly loaded. They don't rely on the weight of a heavy structure to keep them from being pushed up as the ground freezes and thaws. Also, because they're not porous and can be protected with galvanization, moisture will not affect their structural integrity.

 Large commercial greenhouse with scissor lift and side by side inside. Roof of greenhouse off, snow on ground of greenhouse
Assorted plants in foreground, large double peak greenhouse behind

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