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RCMP Communications Towers

When 14 communication towers for RCMP detachments across Manitoba needed upgrades, they sought a more efficient and speedy foundation


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The Manitoba RCMP reached out to the team at VersaPile looking for a foundation solution for their communications towers. Fourteen (14) separate detachments across rural Manitoba were in need of new towers, which meant replacing the old and worn-out concrete pads with sleek new helical piles.
A big challenge our team faced was dealing with the demolition and removal of the existing concrete pads, which we initially believed had to be done before installing helical piles.
Instead, our team devised a solution that used custom reaction frames to span directly over the existing pads. This allowed us to avoid demolition of the pads and leave them in place. The reaction frame also greatly reduced the bending moment forces, which allowed us to use smaller and more economically-friendly piles. These smaller piles further increased the savings for our client by making mobilization to the 14 rural detachments dramatically more efficient.

Large RCMP communication tower standing beside brick building with forest behind.

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