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Learn More About Helical Pile Foundations With This Free Technical Library

Dive deeper into helical pile technology and gain a better understanding of this unique deep foundation solution. The VersaPile Technical Library is an ever-growing resource for contractors, estimators, engineers, project managers, and any other professional who wants to expand their knowledge about industrial and commercial helical foundations.
Inside the library you'll find presentations, case studies, and data sheets, that provide a more technical look at helical piles. Access to the library is 100% free - all you need to do is provide your email address so we can deliver your access code.

An easy way to grow your knowledge about helical pile foundations

What you learned about helical pile foundations for industrial and commercial construction projects in the knowledge session was just the beginning. There's still a whole lot more to learn about this efficient and economical foundation for a modern era.
We've assembled some valuable resources to help you familiarize yourself with this foundation technology and placed them into one convenient place: the VersaPile Technical Library.


What will these free technical resources do for you?

    Give you an in-depth look at how helical piles work and why they're an effective deep foundation solution

    Show you the details about where and how helical piles are being used in commercial and industrial construction

    Provide real-world case studies of projects where helical pile foundations were used to overcome challenges, save timelines, and increase the economy of the project

    Deepen your understanding of this foundation solution and uncover how you might utilize helical piles in your own projects

Why are we offering these resources?

We believe you deserve to have unbiased and fact-based information about helical piles, so you can make the best foundation decision for your project. These resources aren't sales brochures, they're technical deep-dives on helical pile technology and the real benefits / downsides that come with it. We're offering these resources for free so you can make informed choices on which foundation solution will serve your project best.

Get access to the VersaPile Technical Library right now

It couldn't be easier to get a copy of these useful technical documents. Fill in the form with some basic information and we'll send you a link to the library along with the access code you'll need to login